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Trinity University Phonathon Files

  • US TxSaT UA0035
  • Collection
  • 1984-2007

This collection contains files from the Phonaton initiative from the Development office.

Alumni Relations and Development

Trinity University National Alumni Board Collection

  • US TxSaT UA0079
  • Collection
  • 1980-2008

This collection contains material on the National Alumni Board. It contains directories, agendas, paperwork about certain Alumni Board related events, and photographs from those events dating back to 1980 and ending in 2008.

Alumni Relations and Development

Trinity University Business Affiliates Collection

  • US TxSaT UA0030
  • Collection
  • 1985-2004

Created in 1984, the Trinity University Business Affiliates is a program through the development office focused on establishing and maintaining relationships with business communities. Affiliates of the program are businesses, corporations, and foundations that provide unrestricted annual financial support to the university.

This collection includes general files and correspondence on donor development and events held for affiliate members. Included are photographs from many of the events held.

Alumni Relations and Development

Alumni Weekend Collection

  • US TxSaT UA0071
  • Collection
  • 2005-2011

This collection consists of Alumni Weekend packets given to participants. Included in the packets are itineraries for the event and alumni updates.

Alumni Relations and Development

Alumni Directories

  • US TxSaT UA0070
  • Collection
  • 1979-2003

This collection consists of directories of alumni, published by Alumni Relations.

Alumni Relations and Development

Trinity University Senior Campaign Files

  • US TxSaT UA0036
  • Collection
  • 1991-2005

This collection contains files regarding the Senior Campaign initiative from the Development office.

Alumni Relations and Development

Cousin Crowe

COUSIN CROWE. Stanford Dingley, Reading: The Mill House Press, Xmas MCMLX, New Year MCMLXI. Untrimmed edges. 4pp. Cream-colored paper; paper cover. The eighteenth-century binding ornament, designed and cut by Mr. Reynolds Stone, was a favorite device of Logan Pearsall Smith, who had it stamped on many of his books. Presentation copy to John B(etjeman) from Bob G.-H. (Robert Gathorne-Hardy), author of Recollections of Logan Pearsall Smith: The Story of a Friendship.

SOS: A Letter to a Member of the League of Nations Council

S.O.S.: A LETTER TO A MEMBER OF THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS COUNCIL. 1944. 34pp. Typescript and carbon typescript drafts of an essay on the naming of the new organization: "I imagine that you and the other Leaguers may now be giving your consideration to the naming of the new supermundane authority which we all hope will arise from the ashes of present conflagration..." Together with a carbon typescript of a letter to Gilbert Murray in which Logan Pearsall Smith presented his ideas on the naming of the League. 1944. l0pp. With additional handwritten notes on the subject. c.1944. 2.5 pp.

Thomas Carlyle at Thurso Castle

THOMAS CARLYLE AT THURSO CASTLE. No date. 45pp. Typescript; the title page has Logan Pearsall Smith's signature and notes. He has inserted an introductory sentence on page one: "D. A. Wilson, Carlyle's latest biographer, writes..." Page 42a is in Logan Pearsall Smith's handwriting. Title page reads: "Thomas Carlyle at Thurso Castle, August 1860." This essay concerns Carlyle's visit to Thurso Castle in his sixty-fifth year (during the writing of his Frederick the Great): "...He lay 'whole nights awake.' Once he was sitting smoking 'up the chimney' in the middle of the night, 'huddled in rugs, dressing gown and cape.' A dark terror crossed his mind,
that he would never finish Frederick, the book would finish him." Included are lengthy quotations from Carlyle's letters.


NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS. 1938 - 1951. 4pp. Three book reviews. Unforgotten Years by Logan Pearsall Smith, Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1939. Reviewed by Irwin Edman in The Saturday Review, December 31, 1938. Recollections of Logan Pearsall Smith: The Story of a Friendship by Robert Gathorne-Hardy, London: Constable & Co., Ltd., 1949. Reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement, January 6, 1950. A Portrait of Logan Pearsall Smith: Drawn from His Letters by John Russell, London: Dropmore Press, 1950. Reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement, February 16, 1951. Together with two obituary notices concerning Lady Russell, the first wife of the Honorable Bertrand Russell, and Logan Pearsall Smith's younger sister. Reported in The Times, January 23,
1951 and (January) 29, 1951.

Miss Toplady Cards

"MISS TOPLADY" CARDS (4) TOGETHER WITH "A. J. TOPLADY" CARD (1). The address on the cards is 50 York Street, Buckingham Gate. The cards are from a shop run by Logan Pearsall Smith, Philip Morrell and Percy Fielding in the early 1900s. "Miss Toplady begs to announce that she has taken a place at 50, York Street, Buckingham Gate, for the purpose of selling the antique Furniture, China, Silks, and Brocades she has collected in Italy and other Countries. The Collection includes a few old and elegantly written Books, whose Tone she approves of, and a certain number of Note-Books, suitable for recording the Sentiments and Reflections which the spectacle of Life and Nature inspires. Miss Toplady will be able to undertake the decoration of Houses, the purchasing of out-of-the-way Books, and the procuring from Abroad of objects not to be found in England. Miss Toplady requests to send this card to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Taste among acquaintances." The wording on each card varies, but the message is the same.

Epistles in Smith's Hand

LETTER IN LOGAN PEARSALL SMITH'S HAND. 1904 or 1914. 2pp. An exercise in the flowery style of the period of Henry VIII, purporting to be from the page of Adrian Fortescue, Knight, sometime horsemaster to the late King Henry VIII. Addressed to James Britten, Esq., K. S. G. Together with an humorous letter to "Logan Pearsall Smith, Commoner!" from "Shane Leslie, III, Bart. of Glaslough," concerning the "crying grievances of Baronets." The verso of the letter has a reply in Logan Pearsall Smith's handwriting in which he notes: "Even Sir Shane has not sounded to its depths the woes of his order..." No date. 2pp. With a carbon typescript from E. Hammond (11, St. Leonard's Terrace, Chelsea, S.W.3, December 22, 1944) to Miss Snoring, c/o Miss Lewis, Wychwood Broadway, Worcestershire. Another humorous letter in which it is stated: "...Send your the Baronet..." 1944. 1p.

Two Plays with a Westmoreland Setting

UNTITLED PLAY WITH A WESTMORELAND SETTING. No date. l0pp. Transcribed by Logan Pearsall Smith, with a note on page one which states: "Westmoreland...(Barneside, Kendall), translated from dialect" and referring to Lake Country Rambles by J. Palmer, 1902. Preceding page notes: "For Scotch version see Popular Rhymes of Scotland by R. Chambers. Also, various versions printed in Scotsman, a few years ago..." Together kith Pace- Eggin' Time: A Village Drama in Three Acts." Note on front cover: "Acted in Westmoreland. Printed by Miss Simpson." The songs in this play are variants of the folk songs in the dialect verse play transcribed above. No date. 39pp.

Notes on Jane Austen

NOTES IN ROBERT GATHORNE-HARDY'S HANDWRITING FOR VARIANT USES OF THE WORDS "ADDRESS," "CONSEQUENCE" AND "COUNTENANCE" IN JANE AUSTEN'S NOVELS. No date. 9pp. First page has a list of books consulted. Handwritten note in pencil on front cover: "Done for L. P. S. by R. G.-H."

Miscellaneous Notes 2

16 pages of handwritten notes, and 5 pages of typescript. The typescript includes a revised draft of a letter to The New Statesman, dated April 16, 1938, entitled, "What to do with the Jews," and a carbon typescript of a review of R. C. Trevelyan's Windfalls. With newspaper clippings, including Stephen Spender's review of two Golden Cockerel Press books, The Athenians, and Harriet and Mary (1944); a story by A. L. Rowse, "The Beneficient Shoes: A Story of a Cornish Ghost" (1944); and a review of the George B. Ives translation of The Essays of Montaigne (1926).

Suggestions for the BBC Advisory Committee on Spoken English

SUGGESTIONS FOR THE B. B. C. ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON SPOKEN ENGLISH. Circa 1931. 14pp. Mimeographed typescript. Brief marginal notes in pencil and ink by Logan Pearsall Smith. One sheet of manuscript (a word list marked "SP - ST") inserted after page 10. These suggestions were probably duplicated for a meeting of the Committee, shortly after the death of Robert Bridges (..."our late Chairman, Robert Bridges..."), circa 1931.

Hints on Writing for Beginners

HINTS ON WRITING FOR BEGINNERS. No date. 49pp. Typescript of an essay. Title page has an index in Logan Pearsall Smith's handwriting (ink). Corrections made; certain pages have marginal scorings and vertical strokes. Logan Pearsall Smith presumably planned on expanding this essay into a book. The last paragraph on page 49 notes: "...The writer must first of all seek to express his ideas, describe his sensation or inner thoughts; the colours and music that his words bring him must enrich but not obscure his purpose. But in the chapters on 'Descriptive Writing' and on 'Bad Taste' I will explain what I mean by the subordination of words to thought or sensation."

Our Modern Vocabulary

OUR MODERN VOCABULARY. 1911. 16pp. Pages 29 - 44 taken from The English Review of August 1911. Pages 30 - 44 have the printed text of Logan Pearsall Smith's essay, " Our Modern Vocabulary." He has made marginal scorings and provided notes and headings: "Scientific Creators," "Daughters of Time," "None of the words underlined to be italicized...," and so forth. An attached page lists thirteen headings; possibly a galley proof.

Some Sonnets from The Growth of Love by Robert Bridges

SOME SONNETS FROM THE GROWTH OF LOVE BY ROBERT BRIDGES. Circa 1889. 17pp. Transcript by Logan Pearsall Smith of sixteen sonnets and two fragments, with typed copies of nine additional sonnets and two fragments. The date of this transcript is c.1889, the year of the publication of the 79-sonnet version of The Growth of Love, privately printed at the Daniel Press, Oxford. Title page of the transcript has the heading (written in ink): "Some Sonnets from 'The Growth of Love' by R. Bridges. L. Pearsall Smith, Friday's Hill, Haslemere."

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