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Bill of Sale (Tom)
US TxSaT SC.000-001 · Dossier · 1850
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Bill of sale for an enslaved person, named Tom, sold by Joseph Megginson to Jeremiah Smith in Galveston, Texas.

Retrieve Plantation Contract
US TxSaT SC.000-002 · Dossier · 1855-1856
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Contracts between James Hamilton, Elizabeth Hamilton, and Abner Jackson regarding the Retrieve Plantation on Oyster Creek in Brazoria County, which was owned by the Hamiltons and Jackson.

Maud Boyce Farrar memoirs
US TxSaT SC.000-004 · Dossier · 1934
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

"The Saga of Our Ancestry: Being a Series of Sketches o the Lives of Pioneer Texans, Written for the Information and Pleasure of their Descendants by Maud Boyce Farrar, Waxahachie, Texas, 1934."


  1. Rebecca Horton Boyce
  2. Mahaly, the slave woman
  3. Little Dog Penny
  4. The Aldredge Family
  5. Elizabeth Aldredge Boyce
  6. W.A. Boyce
  7. Nancy Owen Smith
  8. Hans Smith
  9. Lelia Smith Farrar
  10. Education of Her Children
  11. S.B. Farrar
  12. Genealogical Tables
Violet Alice Haynes Journal
US TxSaT SC.000-010 · Dossier · 1899-1912
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

A commonplace book used by Violet Alice Haynes Bowles (1873-1953), in which she recorded poetry, correspondence, genealogical research, and other notes. Much of the contents reflects her views as a member of the Daughters of the Confederacy.

Texas Land Grants
US TxSaT SC.000-011 · Dossier · 1862-1879
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

A variety of land grant certificates.
1- 1879 copy of an 1845 land grant from the Republic of Texas, granting Burrell Perry one labor of land in Fannin County
2- 1879 copy of an 1862 grant from the State of Texas to Hiram E. Hays for 160 acres in Collin County
3- 1862 land grant from the State of Texas to the Southern Pacific Rail Road Company for 640 acres in Concho County.

Methodist Episcopal Church Deed
US TxSaT SC.000-012 · Dossier · 1860
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Deed for the 1860 transfer of land in DeWitt County, Texas, from Peter and Louise Metz to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

R.E. Bowers Journal
US TxSaT SC.000-015 · Dossier · 1914-1915
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Journal belonging to a young lawyer in Georgetown, Texas, dated between 1914 and 1915. Although no name appears in the journal, the donor believed it to belong to R.E. Bowers.

1888 International Fair Accounts
US TxSaT SC.000-017 · Dossier · 1959
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Three manuscripts related to the 1888 San Antonio International Fair: a timeline of events, an account of the cattle roping contest, and an account of George W. Saunders's renowned steer named Geronimo.

Harvey Patteson Photographs
US TxSaT SC.000-020 · Dossier · 1930s
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Fourteen photographs of San Jose Mission taken by Harvey Patteson of San Antonio in the 1930s. Include detailed shots of architectural features.

Katherine Anne Porter Materials
US TxSaT SC.000-021 · Dossier · 1965-2007
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Two letters related to author Katherine Anne Porter. The first is a copy of a 1965 letter from Porter to Dr. Louise Gossett, wife of Trinity University professor Dr. Thomas Gossett, regarding a meeting between the Gossetts, Porter, and Flannery O'Connor (the Gossetts introduced Porter and O'Connor in 1958). The second is a letter from a 1951 Trinity alumna, Marion Conditt, to President Brazil inquiring about memories she has of taking a summer course with Porter in the late 1940s. The archives staff has been unable to find any records supporting or refuting this claim.