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The Creative Way
US TxSaTua UA0505-B10-F10 · 2022
Fait partie de Cynthia Herbert Papers

A text guide for educators, based on the Baker philosophy and 50 years of work with schools and teachers. [Forthcoming]

Creating a Place for Ideas
US TxSaTua UA0505-B10-F9 · 2022
Fait partie de Cynthia Herbert Papers

"How to Create a Place for Ideas" - A how-to guide for children and people wanting to enhance their creative lives through engagement in creative work and play. Inspired by "A Place for Ideas- Our Theatre" by Jearnine Wagner. [forthcoming]

Leon "Tex" Taylor Records
US TxSaTua UA0014 · Records · 1940s-1980s

This collection contains material from the former director of public relations, Leon “Tex” Taylor Taylor. The collection includes correspondence, biographical files, development department files, samples of print media, various articles about Trinity University, and assorted event files spanning Taylor’s tenure at Trinity University from 1947 to 1987.

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US TxSaTua UA0305 · Collection · 1940s-2009

This collection consists of architectural sets, plans, drawings, and concepts of various campus buildings. The collection is limited to Trinity's Skyline campus.

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Legacy Projects
Série · 2020-
Fait partie de Cynthia Herbert Papers

This series consists of material focused on the legacy of Paul Baker, Jearnine Wagner, and the Integration of Abilities philosophy.