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Texas Land Title Transfer
US TxSaT SC.000-036 · Dossier · 1833
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Legal document transferring the title for land in Texas (then a part of Mexico) from James Miles, Logan Vandeveer, and Edward Tatum to David Breeding.

Bill of Sale (Tom)
US TxSaT SC.000-001 · Dossier · 1850
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Bill of sale for an enslaved person, named Tom, sold by Joseph Megginson to Jeremiah Smith in Galveston, Texas.

Samuel Maverick letters
US TxSaT SC.000-051 · Dossier · 1849-1850
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

1849 letter from Peck & Van Hooce law firm of Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Samuel A. Maverick, with a copy of Maverick's 1850 reply on the same paper. The letters concern the depositing of money from a business matter.

Retrieve Plantation Contract
US TxSaT SC.000-002 · Dossier · 1855-1856
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Contracts between James Hamilton, Elizabeth Hamilton, and Abner Jackson regarding the Retrieve Plantation on Oyster Creek in Brazoria County, which was owned by the Hamiltons and Jackson.

Methodist Episcopal Church Deed
US TxSaT SC.000-012 · Dossier · 1860
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Deed for the 1860 transfer of land in DeWitt County, Texas, from Peter and Louise Metz to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

San Antonio Tax Assessments
US TxSaT SC.035 · Collection · 1853, 1864

Two volumes of property assessments conducted in the city of San Antonio, Texas. The first is dated from 1853 by assessor José María Rodriguez. The second is dated from 1864 by assessor A. Eule. The assessments list and provides values for property owned by San Antonio citizens, including parcels of land, livestock, wagons and farm equipment, jewelry, and miscellaneous items. Enslaved people are also listed under property assessed; the names, sex, and ages of enslaved people are not listed.

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Texas Slavery Documents
US TxSaT SC.000-035 · Dossier · 1860-1867
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Two documents related to slavery in Texas, mounted onto a piece of cardstock. The first is an 1860 contract for the lease of an enslaved boy named William in La Grange, Texas. The contract is signed by M.H. Hall, R. L. Breeding, and Joseph H. Eaves; the enslaver of William is D.K. Pope.

The second document is an 1867 contract between James Frazor and Sally Frazor, laying out terms for Sally to be employed by James as a domestic laborer. Based on the date, description of the labor and remuneration, names, and Sally's illiteracy, it is likely that Sally was formerly enslaved by James.

US TxSaT SC.000-027 · Dossier · 1869
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

United States passport document belonging to William J. Fitzsimmons, issued in 1869 with a stamped signature of Secretary of State Hamilton Fish. According to Fitzsimmons's descendant, the pass was issued so that Fitzsimmons could travel from Baltimore to Virginia to check on family.

Tehuacana, Texas Notary Records
US TxSaT SC.000-022 · Dossier · 1871-1875
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

A listing of legal actions in Tehuacana, Texas, from January 20, 1871 to June 26, 1875. Most of the records are for deeds, powers of attorney, and contracts. Trinity University is mentioned as a party in actions scattered throughout the book. A. Berry, secretary of the Board of Trustees, is a participant in many actions. A list of subscriptions to the university is recorded on July 20, 1872.

Texas Land Grants
US TxSaT SC.000-011 · Dossier · 1862-1879
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

A variety of land grant certificates.
1- 1879 copy of an 1845 land grant from the Republic of Texas, granting Burrell Perry one labor of land in Fannin County
2- 1879 copy of an 1862 grant from the State of Texas to Hiram E. Hays for 160 acres in Collin County
3- 1862 land grant from the State of Texas to the Southern Pacific Rail Road Company for 640 acres in Concho County.

Armstrong Family Correspondence
US TxSaT SC.029 · Collection · 1857-1897, n.d.

This collection consists of correspondence written or received by members of the Armstrong family and their associates. Some of the manuscripts are incomplete, with pages missing. Included are letters from Mary J. Durst, Mary Helena "Mollie" Durst Armstrong, and D.W.C. Baker. One letter's author is unidentified.

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Life of Jesse Sumpter manuscript
US TxSaT SC.000-055 · Dossier · 1902
Fait partie de Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Typescript manuscript of Jesse Sumpter's memoir, as dictated to Harry Warren. The memoir describes Sumpter's experiences in the Mexican War, and as one of the first settlers of Eagle Pass, Texas. Warren was an amateur historian, and deposited copies of the manuscript at several libraries, including the University of Texas in Austin. The memoir was edited and annotated by Ben E. Pingenot for the Encino Press in 1969, and published under the title "Paso Del Aguila: a Chronicle of Frontier Days on the Texas Border."

Wilmot Proviso Circulars
US TxSaT SC.003 · Collection · 1847-1911

Collection of circulars, pamphlets, speeches, and other ephemera related to the Wilmot Proviso. The Wilmot Proviso was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on August 8, 1846 by Congressman David Wilmot as a provision of an appropriations bill. The proviso sought to ban slavery in any territory acquired from Mexico as a result of the Mexican-American War. The bill passed in the House but failed in the Senate. Although it did not pass into law, the Wilmot Proviso is credited with intensifying the slavery debate in the years leading up to the Civil War.

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