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Onderdonk Memorial Association flyer

Flyer distributed by the Onderdonk Memorial Association seeking support for the purchase of Julian Onderdonk's final painting, "Dawn in the Hills," on behalf of the city of San Antonio. The text in the flyer is credited to J. Frank Davis.

Onderdonk Memorial Association

Texas Land Title Transfer

Legal document transferring the title for land in Texas (then a part of Mexico) from James Miles, Logan Vandeveer, and Edward Tatum to David Breeding.

Empire Theatre program

Program for the 150th anniversary touring production of "The Rivals" by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, performed at the Empire Theatre on December 2, 1925.

Empire Theatre (San Antonio, Tex.)

Texas Slavery Documents

Two documents related to slavery in Texas, mounted onto a piece of cardstock. The first is an 1860 contract for the lease of an enslaved boy named William in La Grange, Texas. The contract is signed by M.H. Hall, R. L. Breeding, and Joseph H. Eaves; the enslaver of William is D.K. Pope.

The second document is an 1867 contract between James Frazor and Sally Frazor, laying out terms for Sally to be employed by James as a domestic laborer. Based on the date, description of the labor and remuneration, names, and Sally's illiteracy, it is likely that Sally was formerly enslaved by James.

Pompeo Coppini Photographs

Three photographs related to Pompeo Coppini: a signed print of Coppini standing with the studio model of the Cenotaph to the Heroes of the Alamo (circa 1937); a signed print of the doors to the Scottish Rite Cathedral in San Antonio (dated 1944), and an undated snapshot of Coppini and his wife.

Coppini, Pompeo, 1870-1957

Photograph: JFK at Kelly AFB

Photograph of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy visiting Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio on November 21, 1963, the day before his assassination.

Reconstruction-era United States Passport

United States passport document belonging to William J. Fitzsimmons, issued in 1869 with a stamped signature of Secretary of State Hamilton Fish. According to Fitzsimmons's descendant, the pass was issued so that Fitzsimmons could travel from Baltimore to Virginia to check on family.

Papas Poetry Ephemera

Ephemera print advertising a poetry collection entitled "My Apology and Other Poems" by Papas. A caption reads: "Cover of a collection to be published. Publisher wanted."

Tommy Weber Photograph of Orson Wells

One photograph of Orson Welles taken by photographer Tommy Weber on November 1, 1938, the morning after the broadcast of Welles's "War of the Worlds" radio program.

Weber, Tommy

Tientsin Press Lithographs

Four lithographs of drawings Chinese children, with original envelope. The envelope reads: "'Chinese Babies' Nursery Borders. 12 beautiful pictures for the kiddies. Tientsin Press, Limited, 181, Victoria Road, Tientsin."

Philip Smith Ephemera

Ephemera related to British bookbinder Philip Smith. Includes the program for a 1975 lecture at the Bridwell Library in Dallas, Texas; two holiday postcards from the 1980s with photographs of Smith's work on the recto, and greetings to librarian Decherd Turner and his wife on the verso; and an undated brochure for the Designer Bookbinders society featuring Smith on the front.

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