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Gordon Duncan Wimpress Records
US TxSaTua UA0009 · Records · 1971-1976

This collection consists of records from university president Duncan Wimpress. This set contains operational files and files on associations and organizations he was a part of while president. Some materials in associations and organizations maybe addressed to M. Bruce Thomas, who was interim president before and after Wimpress.

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US TxSaTua UA0152 · Records · 1967-1969

This collection consists of material related to the investigation of Dr. Sherman M. Stanage conducted in the spring semester of 1968. Dr. Stanage was a professor of philosophy at Trinity University and was involved in both campus and city activities. When informed that his contract would not be renewed, he requested that the university investigate, claiming that his academic freedom was being violated. An investigation committee was formed consisting of Trinity professors Dr. Jess Carnes, Dr. Guy Ranson, and Dr. Donald Everett, and it is the documentation of this committee that composes this collection. Material is predominantly from the 1967-1968 academic year, however, some of the documents predate this time frame. Much of this documentation was used as evidence for the investigation. Material is correspondence and memoranda, news clippings, recollection of events, and reports of the investigation committee.

Human Communication and Theatre Records
US TxSaTua UA0468 · Records · 1966-1997

This collection consists of records from the Human Communication and Theatre department at Trinity University, formally known as the Speech and Drama department. The majority of this collection contains information on season productions.

US TxSaT SC.052 · Colección · 1599-1972

After attending an international conference on Mexico held in New York in 1967, a group of Texas institutions came together to form a Texas Consortium as a special committee of SCOLAS (Southwestern Conference on Latin American Studies). Their aim was to record Mexican archival records on microfilm. The group's primary goal was not to compete with other microfilm projects but rather to complement and support them. Microfilming Mexican archival records served the dual purpose of preserving deteriorating and irreplaceable documents and making them more readily available to scholars in the United States.

By 1971, Trinity had become one of the sixteen institutions that joined the Texas Consortium for Microfilming Mexican Archival Material. Trinity took on the responsibility of microfilming records from Nuevo Leon and Coahuila.

Trinity collaborated with the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and Tecnológico de Monterrey on their ongoing microfilming project in Nuevo Leon. Between 1970 and 1973, Trinity students played a key role in this project. They assisted in organizing documents for filming, compiled a list of microfilm materials sent to the university, and conducted research on historical information related to the region. Trinity's involvement significantly contributed to ITESM's ability to capture records spanning from 1599 through 1972.

Several other universities also participated in microfilming projects across Mexico. These institutions included the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Texas at El Paso, and St. Mary's University. These projects encompassed records and documents from the National Archives in Mexico City, as well as from the states of Coahuila, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Chihuahua, and Durango.

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San Antonio Female College Collection
US TxSaTua UA0310 · Colección · 1890-1942

This collection contains material from the institution's board of trustees and registrar's office. Publications, ephemeral materials and alumni contributions complete this collection

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Monroe G. Everett Records
US TxSaTua UA0006 · Colección · 1933-1965

The Monroe G. Everett Records include correspondence and university records from Everett's tenure as university president, spanning from 1942-1950. In addition to correspondence, this collection contains financial reports, faculty records, flyers, and bulletins. The bulk of this collection dates to the 1940s.

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Ursula Lauderdale Papers
US TxSaTua UA0143 · Colección · 1870s-1940s

This collection contains material from Ursula Lauderdale, a Texas artist and former art instructor at Trinity University. It includes a small scrapbook, photographs, correspondence, documents, and news clippings. The scrapbook, clippings, membership cards, and many of the photographs help to illustrate her work as an artist during the early 20th century.

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Bill Bristow Art Department Files
US TxSaTua UA0147 · Colección · 1963 - 1985

The Bill Bristow Art Department Files include correspondence, records, scrapbooks, and photographs from Bristow's tenure as Art Department Chair, spanning from 1963-1985. The bulk of this collection dates to the 1960s and 1970s.

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Dr. Earl M. Lewis Papers
US TxSaTua UA0141 · Colección · 1955-2000, n.d.

This collection documents Dr. Earl M. Lewis's professional life at Prairie View A&M, Trinity University, and University of Texas at San Antonio and includes correspondence, reports, and other materials.

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David Matias Papers
US TxSaTua UA0502 · Colección · 1979-1998

Collection contains drafts of poetry and plays written by David Matias, an alumnus of Trinity University who died of AIDS at an early age. Much of his work deals with issues of identity, coming out, and his illness. There are also three video recordings: a performance of one play, a poetry reading, and a guest lecture at a Harvard University class.

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Walter Huntley Papers
US TxSaTua UA0501 · Colección · 1953-2018

Papers of Walter R. Huntley, Jr., city official, economic development specialist and civic leader, date primarily between 1983-2018. Most relate to economic development work that occurred while Huntley was President of the Atlanta Economic Development Corporation (1986-1997) and President of Huntley Partners, Inc., (1997-2013). The collection primarily consists of reports, tax allocation studies, assessments, research findings, and proposals for projects sponsored by Huntley & Associates in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Files include the development of the Atlanta-Chattanooga high-speed passenger rail and various projects in Eatonville, Florida, Savannah Georgia, Norfolk, Virginia, and Orlando, Florida.

Market analyses and implementation plans for public and private development projects are in the collection as well. Also included are some of Huntley’s personal files including newspaper clippings; personal photographs and correspondence and other material about Huntley’s activities with Trinity University, AEDC, the City of Atlanta and the private sector.

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Chicle Files

This series comprises the research and publication documentation of Jennifer P. Mathews book Chicle: From Ancient Maya to William Wrigley published by Arizona University Press. Research files consist of printed articles, books, and media. The publication files includes correspondence, drafts and promotional material.

Sir Henry Hardman Pamphlet Collection
US TxSaT SC.011 · Colección · 1880-1980

The "Hardman Pamphlets" span the years 1880-1980, with the bulk of the material falling into the period 1920 to 1960. The pamphlets cover a broad spectrum of subjects, the greatest emphasis being on twentieth-century British, labor-oriented literature, ranging from political theories, primarily socialism, to practical worker education movements. An item-level inventory is available by clicking the image at the top of the finding aid, or at this link: .

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John W. Sansom Manuscript
US TxSaT SC.012 · Colección · 1916

Typewritten manuscript of the "Memoirs of John W. Sansom, 1834-1916." Written several years before Sansom's death, this volume includes his first person accounts of his childhood, Union support during the Civil War, involvement in the Battle of Nueces River, and career in the Texas Rangers.

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